Monday, August 7, 2017


Culpeo S. Fox’s illustrations turn every children’s picture book into a work of art, and each visual has the ability to take your breath away. We catch up with the phenomenal artist who illustrated The Fox and The Crow, and has also illustrated our next release A Tangle of Brungles, to find out what inspires her to create these unforgettable images. The Fox and The Crow is our book of the month, and is available at 20% off till Aug 31st  at

KARADI TALES: As an artist, what inspires you?
CULPEO S. FOX: The source of my inspiration is life itself - with all its ingredients and influences. Art follows life and this perception is a major key to understand my very own definition of what I call "Method Art".

KT:  What is your creative process?
CSF: My creative process is rather chaotic and random, something that never really is "under control". I look at it less as a creative process but see it more as a constant search for traces and listening to voices, the work of a hunter; having all senses ready and open for any kind of inspiration which very often hits you completely unexpectedly.

KT: The Fox and the Crow was listed in the prestigious White Ravens catalog and in the list of Best Children’s books by the New York Public Library -  how did it feel when you received these accolades?
CSF: It felt beautifully surreal.

KT: What is the most memorable thing that a reader or reviewer has said about your illustrations?
CSF: I always am deeply (and even after all those years still awkwardly) flattered by every kind word that people have used to describe my work. Speaking of The Fox And The Crow, though, Kirkus Reviews pretty much provided the personal icing of the cake when they called it "Aesop Noir".

KT: Tell us a bit more about your upcoming book with Karadi Tales – A Tangle of Brungles
CSF: A Tangle Of Brungles was a joy to work on (and after The Fox And The Crow, another "home match" for me - lots of snakes and lizards and critters to draw, plus Indian witches with their backward feet and wry humour - what's not to like?) and I love all the nuances of (author) Shobha's excellent poetry that goes along with it.

Friday, August 4, 2017

She chases away the night monsters

Our Jarul Book Award-winning title “The Night Monster” written by Sushree Mishra and illustrated by Sanket Pethkar is a beautiful story about the bond between siblings, and how a wise older sister helps her young brother get over his fear of the dark. We catch up with the author Sushree Mishra in this interview.

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What inspired the plot of The Night Monster?

To tell you the truth, my own fears of the night inspired the plot. As a child, I used to be scared of nights. To a lesser degree, I still am.

I was alone one night with my three-year-old son when the electricity went out. I had to think of a way of calming my son (and myself) down, and that is when the idea of confronting our fears by engaging with them came about. 

Are the characters based on children you know?

As an educator and a storyteller, I interact with kids regularly. The main character Avi, though named after my own son, is like most children I have interacted with when it comes to fears. 

What was the most memorable thing a reader or fan has said to you about this book?

I have had many children come up and tell me how excited they are to meet the `night monster' that night. But the most memorable response I got was from an elder sibling, who told me that he would make sure his little sister is not afraid of the dark anymore.

What was your reaction to winning the Jarul Book Award?

As an author, one is always thrilled to see one's work appreciated. But what makes the Jarul Book Award particularly special is that it is judged by children. To have gotten a thumbs up from my young readers feels wonderful! Thank you Karadi tales and Jarul book committee for this special award. 

Do you have a Raksha Bandhan message for Karadi Tales fans? 

Make your sibling your best friend, while enjoying the magical moments of childhood together. Love, accept and respect your siblings wholeheartedly. Happy Raksha Bandhan!