Monday, November 29, 2010

Tiger Conservation

Recently, we worked on creating a book on the Royal Bengal Tiger. Author Anshumani Ruddra wrote a beautiful story about a Bengal tiger who escapes from the Sundarbans into Tibet and is taken in by a kindly group of monks. But this tiger is particularly unusual because he has only two stripes on his body. One morning, when a third stripe appears on his body, the monks investigate... and they're shocked by what they find. This is the story of Dorje's Stripes.

Illustrated beautifully and vividly in striking water colours by Korean artists, Gwangjo and Jung-a Park, Dorje's Stripes is not just a beautiful story - it is a real work of art.

We showed the book to some conservationists, and here's what they had to say about this gorgeous book:

Shekar Dattatri, wildlife and conservation filmmaker, who recently made the film 'The Truth About Tigers', writes:

Dorje’s Stripes is a moving tale that touches the heart. The exquisite watercolour illustrations complement the text, creating a work of art that is a joy to see and read. At a time when wild tigers are disappearing due to human greed and callousness, this small book reminds us of our humanity - and our responsibility towards the magnificent creatures that share our planet.

Valmik Thapar, natural historian and conservationist and one of India's foremost tiger experts, writes:

Dorje's Stripes is lovely. It is great for children to absorb both the tragedy of the tiger and a glimpse of hope... beautiful illustrations and an enchanting story - a must read for all!

We also received extremely positive response on this book from the international market at Frankfurt this year. And by spring 2011, this beautiful book will be available in the USA, Canada, the Philippines and some parts of Latin America through Kane/Miller Book Publishers.

The book will also be available soon in Indonesia through Kid Classic Publishers as an Indonesian-English bilingual edition. We'll keep you posted on this edition.

We're hoping for this book to travel soon to all parts of the world, because we believe it is important for all children to learn about and understand the value of one of the most beautiful creatures in our planet.

This book will soon be available from us in India. Watch out for it!


  1. It sounds wonderful! Shall look out for this one!

  2. hi we're working on some new media initiatives on tiger conservation and would like to collaborate with you this project. please can we have a contact to start a dialogue.

  3. JA, do drop us a note addressed to the editor at

  4. narayan if this is you please call me we need to talk


  5. Wonderful illustrations!

    Karadi tales have got a new dimension now. These days schools use Karadi tales for enacting drama on stage during school day functions. Credits are given to karadi tales. Another feather in your cap.

  6. Thanks, Asha! :-) We're really proud of this one too!

  7. Hans, we've passed on your message to Narayan.

  8. Awesome!

    When will it be available in the shops?