Thursday, January 12, 2012

Saturday Stories at The Cancer Institute Children's Ward

On 31 December 2011, we decided to ring in the New Year with a very special event at the Children's Ward of the Mahesh Memorial Trust at the Cancer Institute (WIA) in Gandhinagar Chennai. Our storytellers told the stories Fish Friends Three, The Monkeys and the Capseller and The Lion and the Mouse and the kids had a ball! 

Here are some pictures from the event.

More pictures are here!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 12 Children's Books of 2011

2011 was filled with top notch reads from some of India’s leading publishers of children’s books. Many of these reads found their way into the hearts of children and adults alike. Some were much blogged and talked about. We take a quick look at the top 12 children’s books that made for excellent reading, and won hearts and accolades on the way.

Karadi Tales
Dorje’s Stripes
By Anshumani Ruddra •Illustrated by Gwangjo and Jung-a Park
Appropriate for Ages 5+
Dorje is no ordinary tiger. He’s a tiger that has lost its stripes. In this haunting tale set in a monastery in Tibet, find out what caused Dorje to lose his stripes. This is a story about exploitation and unexpected hope that is a must read for all tiger lovers who believe in a future where tigers will thrive. The soft watercolors are enticing and set the mood for this insightful story.
 Whose Lovely Child Can You Be?
By Shobha Viswanath • Illustrated by Christine Tappin
Appropriate for Ages 7+
The story deals with the delicate issue of adoption. Little Gulgul finds out that she is adopted and is confused as well as saddened by it. The various members of her large family try their best to make her feel happy and loved again.

Pratham Books
 A King Cobra's Summer
By Janaki Lenin • Illustrated by Maya Ramaswamy
Appropriate for Ages 7+
Set in the verdant Western Ghats, this story brings to life all the strange life forms that Kaala the king cobra comes across when he finds himself far away from his home in the areca nut plantation. This vibrant story sensitizes children to the plight of the forests and the king cobra.  

Kallu's World
By Subhadra Sen Gupta • Illustrated by Tapas Guha
Appropriate for Ages 7+
This series introduces readers to Kallu, a mischievous young boy who keeps getting in and out of scrapes. In the first book – In Big Trouble Again – he finds himself in need of a good story when he’s late to class. Again. In the second book, Monkey Business on Stage, Kallu gets drawn into Masterji's yearly stage show of Ramlila. 

A Magic Mirror Mystery: A Visionary Voyage
By Luther Tsai and Nury Vittachi • Paperback, 104 pages
Appropriate for Ages 9+
Miranda and Marko's parents are away on a business trip when their grandfather disappears. As they try to figure out what to do, a mysterious package containing an old bronze mirror arrives by post, setting in motion a series of events that take the brother and sister to fifteenth century China and on board the fleet of the famous Admiral Zheng He. A thrilling mystery complete with time travel, pirates and treasure ships, this first novel in the  series sets the stage for the many more magical journeys into the past.

Zain & Ana: Ghosts Don't Eat
By Anushka Ravishankar • Paperback, 124 pages
Appropriate for Ages 4+
Do Ghosts Eat? Nothing surprises Zain and Ana. The way they see it, a dog can be a fish and ghosts can have teeth. Zain finds a new friend in the gameboy addict Nikhil, and discovers that a strange being inhabits Nikhil’s house. Zain and Ana soon unearth several clues that confirm their worst suspicions about the strange creature. It really might be a ghost and it really might be eating. The second book in the Zain and Series will surely delight fans all over again.

Tara Books
Excuses, Excuses!
By Anushka Ravishankar • Illustrated by Gabrielle Manglou
Appropriate for Ages 4+
Meet Neel, who has the noblest of intentions, all of which have a strange way of going wrong … 'Excuses, Excuses!' captures the gleeful childhood dilemma of knowing the importance of rules, but delighting in breaking them.
The Great Race
By Nathan Kumar Scott • Illustrated by Jagdish Chitara
Appropriate for Ages 4+
'The Great Race' is an exciting retelling of an Indonesian folktale, featuring the trickster Kanchil. Illustrated in the Mata Ni Pachedi style of ritual textile painting from Gujarat, this is the first time that this rare form of traditional art has been used to tell a children's story.


Tulika Books

Siri's Smile
By R. Amarendran • Illustrated by Bhakti Phatak
Appropriate for Ages 3+
Little Siri slips away from home one day and goes around asking whomsoever she meets
to smile. Find out why in the pages of this bright and cheerful book that evokes a world of colour
and things to discover.

Black Panther
By Aravind Krish Bala • Illustrated by Ashok Rajagopalan
Appropriate for Ages 6+
Arvind Krish Bala and his friend, Natarajan, an Irula tribesman, were  at a waterhole waiting to sight a tiger, when Natarajan shared the story of his first encounter with a black panther in the Anamalais, 'elephant hills', in the Western Ghats running through Kerala and Tamilnadu. Though Natarajan had been roaming the Anamalais for more than forty years this was the first time he saw a Black Panther.

Zubaan Books

Icky, Yucky, Mucky!
By Natasha Sharma • Illustrated by Anitha Balachandran
Appropriate for Ages 4+
Maharaja Icky is the most disgusting King you’ll ever have the misfortune to meet. The ruler of the kingdom of Icktapur has utterly vile table manners. Banned from using spoons or nail cutters, the people of Icktapur are at their wits’ end. Icky, Yucky,Mucky! will have children squirming in their chairs and yelling with delight. And perhaps, learning a lesson or two in table manners!

Tales of Historic Delhi
By Premola Ghose
Appropriate for Ages 4+
Join the animals of Janwar Dosti — Tunnu the tiger, Zero the giraffe, Lucky the rabbit and all their jungle friends — on a magical history tour through Delhi.  Premola Ghose’s fabulously rich and amusing paintings are the perfect way to explore the wonderful monuments of Delhi and discover new places to see and things to do. Tales of Historic Delhi is the perfect guidebook for families visiting the city, and a whole new way to bring history alive.