Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm Just Like You

Have you heard the Karadi Rhyme 'I'm Just Like You'? If you haven't you should!

Here's a selection of videos of children getting together to perform the song for various occasions. These kids are totally adorable!

First, here's a video from the Independence Day celebrations in 2010 as celebrated at LB Shastri Nagar, Bangalore with a series of performances by children. In this performance, the children of Sarovar Apartments dance to the tune of the Kardi Tales Rhyme "My name is Madhavi", highlighting the theme of Unity in Diversity in India.

Here's another lovely video of kids performing the same song at the 2009 Asia Coalition Tallahassee!

Here's a video where the kids from Padmavati Society, IIT Powai have fun with the song during the Ganpati Festival 2010. The song depicts the diversity and culture of India. Children in costumes depicting various regions of India, adds to the celebration.

And here's the original video from the Karadi Rhymes DVD!

You can pick up the Karadi Rhymes audiobooks here or the DVDs here.