Friday, February 17, 2012

Do you have a tribute to Uncle Pai?

Remembering Uncle Pai: Join us in remembering the life and work of Uncle Pai. We are making a graffiti board with all our memories and tributes to him, and we’d like you to join us. Every week, we’ll put them all up on a graffiti board.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Regional Language Nursery Rhymes

We need your help again! We're looking for cool, funny rhymes that you heard in your childhood - any language is fine. Our editor remembers growing up with an utterly absurd rhyme in Tamil that goes like this:

Blucka thooki mela potta settiyar veetu nandoo,
Nandae thooki mela potta nagarathna paambu,
Paamba thooki mela potta pancha varna kili,
Kiliya thooki mela potta krishnaroda Kondai!

(Rough translation:

If you toss the palanquin up, you'll find a crab from the Chettiyar's house.
If you toss the crab up, you'll find a jewelled snake.
If you toss the snake up, you'll find a five-coloured macaw.
If you toss the macaw up, you'll find Krishna's tuft of coiled hair!)

It's strange and insane, but so much fun. And now we want more like these. So if you remember any rhymes from your childhood (or your adulthood!), send us the words and a translation. If you can sing it, that's even better. Send us an MP3 file. We want as many weird, quirky, hilarious Indian rhymes as possible. Won't you help us with our very special project?

Leave a comment on this post or drop us an email at if there's a rhyme you think will fit the bill.