Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looking for writers for our new Animated Shorts project

Karadi Tales is developing a series of short animation films based on the exploits of Suppandi and Shikari Shambu. We're looking for writers who are familiar with these characters, and can develop existing comic sketches into scripts for a 3-minute animated short format.

We're looking for a good creative writer with

  • a wacky sense of humour,
  • some experience in screen writing
  • and the ability to churn out at least 50 fantastic scripts a month

It of course helps if you are a Tinkle fan.

Interested writers please get in touch. Send us a sample script based on any existing Shikari Shambu sketch! Email -

Please spread the word.

Team Karadi


  1. Sure enough I worked and sent em a script! When this was in its early stage. But the folks up there want to walk on the lines of Mr.Bean...
    dont know why tho!!

  2. Let me be part of this tale: I think Suppandi face describes the like of intelligent person. Resolving story niches from his mouth will be interesting as for Shikari Shambu let him be like that Looney Toons Character "Road Runner" who always mingle in the story with his whacky hunting techniques but never catch up kind of stuff. His eyes are under his helmet so let him play the part of playing unintensional thoughts while at the end of each story.

  3. @Gulzar Why don't you send that script to us? This is a new project, and we'd love to take a look.

    @Yogesh you're giving Suppandi's character quite the twist. Last heard he wasn't particularly bright!

  4. Which email address to mail in?

  5. The email id is mentioned in the post -

  6. Till when are you accepting entries? What kind of remuneration are you offering?

  7. @Shubhodeep: We are still on the look out for writers for this project. If interested, please send us a sample of your writing and a resume, we can discuss the details over email.

  8. Hi,

    Are you guys still look for script writers?

  9. @Divenita: Hi! We're not actively looking anymore, but if you have an idea for a sketch, do send us a sample script. Cheers!