Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two Blog Posts on Karadi Tales

Rupa Raman is a mom and a blogger. At Baby Loves Books, she writes about the wonders that can be brought about by the simple act of reading to your child. Her writing is beautiful and balanced - and we've been fans of her blog for ages. 

She writes about her experiences with audiobooks from Karadi Tales. She says: 'Whatever it is that Karadi put into its CDs, it sure makes for some very rapt listening on the part of my almost 4-year-old.  And I can tell you from the way she observes each sound, word and note, and from the fact that she asks for each CD to be played at least twice in succession, that Karadi Tales is going to be a staple in our home for quite a while.'

Thanks, Rupa! We're thrilled to hear that Baby loves Karadi Tales!

Asha Balakrishnan is another Karadi mom. She blogs at Asha's musings and ramblings. Asha writes interesting notes from Bangalore about anything that strikes her fancy. Her blog is funny, charming and brilliantly anecdotal.

In her latest blog post, she writes about her son and her daughter (Shre and Shar), who grew up reading Karadi Tales and now consider it the best possible gift for any child. 

Asha says: 'In today's world of nuclear families, where children don't have the luxury and warmth of the story telling sessions of their grand parents, Karadi tales plays a great role in educating tender minds with Indian heritage,culture and folk tales.'

Thank you, Asha! Karadi wants to give you, Shre and Shar a bear hug!

Parents like Rupa and Asha fill our hearts with joy and help us realise why we do what we do. The experience is both humbling and gratifying.