Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Continuing the discussion: Why should children read?

In our previous post, we asked you to help us come up with answers to the question, 'Why should children read?' Your responses have been overwhelming!

Here are 20 of the numerous responses our Twitter feed came up with (in no particular order):

  • anushankarn because books can stimulate imagination while TV and internet leave no room for it....
  • umasaxena books are one's best friends! Always there with you..:)
  • vijaysankaran Every minute they read, is a minute they won't be watching cartoons:)
  • daintydimwit What do they say about teaching a man to fish...? That.
  • schubho because there are wonderful books worth reading and fantastic writers worth knowing!
  • shachii Kids should read so that they have friends in books when they're old.
  • shachii Kids should read to discover the world around them.
  • PriyaSanth it is about imparting to get the best out of the reading habit that can make them think and relate to it.
  • Niyantha So that they don't judge a book by its movie.
  • sathyarg Kids will learn to think & imagine & dream their own world & experiences rather than just Disney's interpretation :-)
  • induviduality it certainly calms them down, helps to keep their manic energy in check. ;-)
  • atulagupta Improves Imagination, communication, vocabulary, vision, thinking and reading out loud boosts confidence too...
  • anirudhshastry I subscribe to the 1984 line of thought. If you don't have the word for it, you can't think it.
  • kiranmanral Kids should read to keep them from destroying the house.
  • Vamshiavk to improve vocabulary n imagination
  • Shivangiyadav Reading improves world vision, makes it more broad based.
  • SistaKAA  bc it encourages creativity, builds vocabulary, introduces new ideas, helps w writing, empowers ea of us 2 find own answers
  • barkhad to imagine - every word picture paints a whole world in their head. A world dat they carry in their head 4 d rest o their lives
  • spymaami I think children need a little escapism too. And who else is around to tell them stories, right?
  • spymaami That way when the movie is made, you can ask people, but have you read the book?
These are just some of the suggestions that our Twitter friends have thrown up. Follow us to join our raging discussion on Twitter!

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Our friends at Pratham Books rose magnificently to the occasion with this blog post which has a few really thought-provoking answers of its own!.

Any other thoughts? Why do you think children should read?


  1. Asked my older child. Got a 'What a question' type of look in response. When prodded further said - 'Because its fun of course.'
    That about says it all I guess!

  2. Can't think of a better reason than fun!

  3. "Television does not let you think. It thinks for you. Television does not let you feel. It feels for you." the great violinist Isaac Stern makes a telly-ing point
    - Good comment indeed. My son and I read Karadi tales, initially I have to force on him, now he does it on his own regds venkitesh

  4. Thanks! Glad to hear that he likes Karadi Tales! :-)