Thursday, July 29, 2010

More responses: Why should kids read?

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of our discussion on why children should read. We're having a truly fabulous debate on the subject. Join us!

What do the writers say?

aravindadiga Hello, Karadi Tales. I began by reading what my mother loved to read & I hope all children start off that way. Cheers, Aravind

ranyamanivannan Above all, to open minds. As a child, one interacts only w groups & people parents allow. There's a bigger world out there.
samitbasu i think kids should read only if they feel like it. plenty of other fun stuff to do. it shouldn't feel like a duty.

samitbasu i think there are enough kids who read because they realize books are lovely. the rest cant be forced into reading, which is ok
samitbasu its like asking kids to play football because it builds team spirit and muscles and lung power and spatial thinking.
decemberschild if books were treated as necessary luxuries and/or a treat like they were for me growing up, then I think more would.
decemberschild but if you're still looking for a "why", how about so that they have something to do if the power fails?

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jcharish one cant take a child to various places and make them get a feel of life...its easier to do so by giving them books :)
icecubz books also help u develop develop ur point of view and create perspectives that u can debate and discuss abt!
icecubz books r bt jus abt da words, diction and imagination, they also teach u to emote, respond, react and respect!
ambikajois Because knowledge is power. Fiction or non-fiction. The ability to imagine is knowledge too!
yorickpinto I'd rather have them discover books, rather than force them down their throats.
yorickpinto I'd rather teach my children to think straight. Reading can be escapist at times.

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Maureen Byrnes Language development, for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Daily reading has greatly improved my son's speech in a way that TV and video could never do. Seeing the written words and connecting the sounds has been crucial for him. Generally speaking though, I don't believe that TV/Video can develop a child's imagination in the same way that books can. My children enjoy visualising the stories they read and creating their own stories, as a result. They are also excellent spellers and have a broad vocabulary, because of the extensive reading they do.
Vidya Sridharan-Balaje Reading enriches kids lives. Reading to my kids have helped them become young readers. But, i dont completely agree with the quote that "Television does not let you think, it thinks for you". I think right amount of t.v time with right set of programs can actually be a positive influence on children.
Cp Viswanath ‎"Television does not let you think. It thinks for you. Television does not let you feel. It feels for you." the great violinist Isaac Stern makes a telly-ing point

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ChoxBox Asked my older child. Got a 'What a question' type of look in response. When prodded further said - 'Because its fun of course.' That about says it all I guess!

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