Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reading Fosters Creativity!

Reading stimulates the theatre of the mind. Each child evolves his or her own unique theatre and that is the root of your child’s creative growth. 

Today, there exists the common misconception that children today are much smarter than children of previous generations. 

But the truth is that in an age where information is so widely available, it is only natural that children absorb much of it! So their information bank is, perhaps, greater. But are they actually smarter?

Unless a child knows how to productively use the information stored in the brain, it is of little consequence. Information, since it is so freely available, is no longer valued as highly as creativity, the ability to think out of the box, the ability to use information to evolve innovation... the ability to just imagine...

Look at this case study:

A group of forty Class III students was given a verbal description of an unusual creature from a Harry Potter book and asked to draw the creature. Children who had not seen the movie came up with highly individual pictures. Children who had seen the movie came up with an image resembling what they had seen in the movie. 

What would you rather have, one idea or forty ideas?