Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blogging Karadi Rhymes

Karadi Rhymes has really been hitting the news in recent times! Check out some recent links!

On 10 February, Anukrishna wrote about using 'My Name is Madhavi' to teach children. Read about her experiences!

On 1 March, Monika Manchanda wrote: 'And I can vouch for the fact that they are for adults as well… whenever its playing me and N keep stealing glances on the TV!' Read the entire post!

On 7 March, Nishita wrote about her experiences with Karadi Rhymes here. She wrote: 'Introduced as an initiative to provide more localized nursery rhymes that Indian kids can easily associate with their daily lives, this DVD contains simple rhymes based on Indian themes such as mangoes, cricket, and Indian festivals.'

On 11 March, Shruthi blogged at Hallucinations, writing: 'Oh it is delightful. Very likeable songs, very Indian in both subject and music. The illustrations are particularly delightful. I don't even have to mention Usha Uthup's glorious, flawless, soaring voice bringing it all to life. I'm not sure who enjoys it more - Puttachi or me, but we have the loveliest times, sitting together with the book while the cd plays.' Read the post!

On 16 March, Saffron Tree writers listed out their favourite poems and ChoxBox picked Karadi Rhymes! She wrote: 'the accompanying book has delightful illustrations that are sure to catch even a reluctant reader's eye. Then there is the addictive music and the full-of-life voice of Usha Uthup.'

She also linked to Meera Sriram's 2007 review of Karadi Rhymes on Saffron Tree.

Wow! Looks like Karadi Rhymes is a classic that may never grow old!

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Karadi Rhymes is now available as a DVD as well! Check it out!

And look at our YouTube page for sample videos from the Karadi Rhymes DVDs!