Thursday, March 25, 2010

Picture Books and Early Learning

Holding and reading wordless picture books can be the first positive step towards learning reading skills. Readers are not intimidated by words and they gain confidence by the knowledge that they are able to comprehend the contents of a book on their own.

Picture books often require young readers to ask the basic question: What will happen next? But it doesn’t stop there. The books also invite readers to look backwards. This ability to travel back and forth in a book facilitates the development of reading skills. Picture books are full of details. Absorbing these details while looking at the pictures helps children enjoy the nuances of language as they become more fluent readers.

The special thing about picture books is the magical way they connect generations. They present a perfect opportunity for adult-child interaction. There is a universality about picture books that crosses all linguistic and cultural barriers unlike written texts, especially at the early learning stages.

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