Thursday, August 29, 2013


Shobha Viswanath, Publishing Director of Karadi Tales will be at Jumpstart tomorrow and the day after!

At a panel discussion "Speaking in Tongues" at 04:30 PM on 29 August 2013, she speaks on translation.

Translation is tricky. Dialogue is difficult. How can we know that a book that works in one language will work in another? Which stories travel? Which ones 'stick'? Why are there so few children’s books translated from one Indian language to another? Are illustrations just as culture-bound as words? Join our panel of award-winning translators, publishers and writers, as we look at the critical role of translation in a multilingual country and an increasingly inter-connected world. 

She also participates in the Book Souk. a chance for authors, designers, illustrators and miscellaneous ideas-mongers to show their wares and samples other peoples’at JUMPSTART’s very own ideas bazaar.

Don't miss out if you're in Delhi!

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