Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Mouse in the News!

Our mouse has certainly been making the news in recent times. Read these two reviews to know more about the Mouse Stories

The Hindu writes: 

'Theatre company Evam deserves appreciation for its professionalism in picking the right voices for the stories. Karthik Kumar, narrator, has done a commendable job, conscious of the young minds for whom the work has been conceived. Music casts a spell on the listener, who experiences the mood, setting and characters brought to life by Anil Srinivasan's customary magic on the senses, while the bright and beautiful illustrations by Malavika P.C. draws upon one's attention to participate in the art of reading. Writers Shobha Viswanath, Lavanya R.N. and Pankaja Srinivasan have done their part to add a twist to each tale. Quite an entertaining work from Karadi yet again.'

Read the entire review here!

A review of Kaka and the Mouse on Saffron Tree says: 
'The music is lovely and the narration sounds very Indian- English. Easy to relate to and to follow. The illustrations, the colours are dramatic and very energetic. The crow with its toucan like beak is very expressive indeed. The fonts are engaging, filled with onomatopoeiac words, often adding a sense of drama, making for easy and enjoyable reading.'

Read the entire review here!