Thursday, September 9, 2010

Karadi Tales on Saffron Tree

Saffron Tree is our favourite website on children's content. We love the multicultural focus it has and the wonderful resources it provides for parents and teachers - and even children!

Karadi has recently made two appearances on this wonderful blog. Take a look!

A review of Listening to Poetry

'The books have companion CDs and the poems are recited by stage actors - Naseeruddin Shah, Gareth Armstrong, Shernaz Patel and Dhritiman Chaterji. It is an attempt to "resurrect the power of spoken poetry bringing back to life sheer pleasure of listening to verse" and what a pleasure it is!! Listening to poetry is a unique experience and must not be missed when the poems are such gems and the performers are of international fame and repute.'

Read the entire review here!

A review of The Lizard's Tail says: 

'When I read the book to my kids, I couldn't help but be influenced by Vidya Balan's gentle, warm, and cheerful presentation as I tried to recreate the magic, minus the songs and sound effects. The inviting Will You Read With Me? sets the tone for this series that helps children read-along as they listen to the CD. The Lizard's Tail together with Little Vinayak have become a recent favorite in our household.'

Read the entire review here!