Friday, April 30, 2010

It's summertime! Are your kids reading?

The Hindu carries an article on the reading habits of children - it's especially timely because it's summertime and they should be reading lots more!

Talking about Karadi Tales, the article says: 

C.P. Viswanath, Director, Karadi Tales, says the pressure is now on the publishers to provide quality content for children. With the onset of vacation, the publishing house, specialising in audio books, has been recording an increase in its online sales. “We have been receiving a good number of enquires about our books. Conscientious parents are particular about the kind of content their children get to read,” he says. While agreeing that books with glossy covers and attractive packaging tend to draw people, he says only a quality combination of illustration, writing and editing can sustain sales. “We began our company primarily as a publisher of traditional stories and now moved over to imaginative stories by authors owing to growing demand.”

Read the entire article here!