Thursday, April 15, 2010

Contest Shortlist!

The 'Will You Write With Me?' contest ended on 28 February... and we know you guys have been waiting to hear the results for a long time - and we assure you we have a great reason for the delay. 

The reason is all of you! Yes, you and you and you. You've sent in such great entries to the contest that we simply couldn't choose! 

So here's what we've done. We have developed a shortlist of 20 entries - and these 20 entries will be thoroughly read again and again and again to pick the top 3.

And yes, we know you're curious about who all have made the cut. So here you go! Here is the shortlist from the Karadi Tales 'Will You Write With Me?' contest in alphabetical order.

‘42: A life in numbers’ by Bernard L’Allier
‘A question of numbers’ by Ramesh Rabindranath
‘Actions speak louder’ by Vibha Batra
‘Count on the sportsmen’ by Sonali Arun Bhatia
‘Encounter with a counter’ by Sonali Arun Bhatia
‘Going wild with numbers’ by Sonali Arun Bhatia
‘Number game’ by Archana Rao-D’Cruz
‘Numbers don’t count for everything’ by Anna Mathews
‘Numbers from beyond’ by M. Aravind
‘Numero Uno’ by Richa Vatsa
‘Raghunath to the exploding guavas’ rescue’ by Mala Ashok
‘Speaking of numbers’ by Shweta Ganesh Kumar
‘The code’ by Mira Desai
‘The man who spoke in numbers’ by Lakshmi Ananth
‘The number cruncher’ by Susan Philip
‘The number world’ by Janaki Chandrasekaran
‘The Shanks of 999’ by Debarun Roy Gupta
‘The tale of the mysterious numbers’ by Manjushree Nanda
‘Total disruption’ by Nanda Ramesh
‘Train to UNO’ by Priya Kumar

Congratulations, you guys! Keep writing!

Oh and watch this space to know who the judges of the contest are!