Monday, February 15, 2016

Selecting Books for Your Child

Which is the book for your child?
So, you’re at a book store surrounded by wonderful books. How do you choose a book for your child? A book that your child will enjoy reading and encourage him or her to look forward to more reading. It’s important to remember that reading is not a quantitative activity; rather it’s a personal experience. Children in the same class will have different interests and reading levels, so choose a book that works for your child and not one that ‘every child seems to be reading’.

The Five Finger Rule can help you select a book. It is a very simple and basic technique that also encourages your child to choose a book. Here’s how it works:

1.     Choose a book that you think your will enjoy. It’s important to select a book according to your child’s interest. If your child likes animals, then choose a story that revolves around animal.  
2.     Read the second page with your child.
3.     Hold up a finger for each word your child is not sure of, or does not know.
4.     If there are five or more words your child does not know, you should choose an easier book.
Besides the Five Finger Rule, there are several ways to choose books wisely. First check online and read reviews. Next speak to the class teacher and gather suggestions and also check with the bookstore for reviews and product information. Importantly, speak to your child and spend time at the book store. This way you will surely pick up a book that you child will enjoy reading, and come back to pick up many more. 

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