Monday, December 14, 2015

Princess Easy Pleasy Book Launch at Bookaroo - Festival of Children's Literature in Pune

Our picture book 'Princess Easy Pleasy' written by Natasha Sharma and illustrated by Priya Kuriyan was launched at the Bookaroo - Festival of Children's Literature in Pune earlier this month. Children were amused and filled with laughter as Natasha and Priya shared how Princess Easy Pleasy drives the royal packer up the wall with her quirks that are as seasonal as her royal vacation. Princess Easy Pleasy is a story of a princess who is impossible to please, especially while on vacation. What will her parents, the Royal Highnesses do? Will they insist she have a go at things or will their packing list grow longer each time they travel? Will she ever learn to be open-minded and look at experiences differently? Read the book and find out what happens. 

Princess Easy Pleasy uses humour, and a riot of colours to encourage children to embrace varied experiences, be adventurous and travel light! 

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