Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The SABA experience

You do know that our book, The Rumor won the South Asia Book Award this year, don't you? The illustrator, Kanyika Kini went to Madison for the award ceremony and she sent us a happy little mail about her experience there. Read on.

I had a really lovely (and pretty hectic!) trip to Madison.

The book award has been instituted by the South Asia National Outreach Consortium. The award ceremony was attended by participants of the conference as well as teachers and librarians from schools in the area. Lynne Kelly, the author of the honour book, 'Chained' and I, who were the only ones attending the ceremony, were asked to give a 15 minute acceptance speech.
In my speech I spoke about how I went about the process of illustrating the story - gathering visual clues based on the geographical context and scenes from Indian village life, etc. - and the process of sketching and rendering the illustrations. I summed it up with the note from Anushka that I read in the end. 

The highlight of my trip was a visit to the Patrick Marsh Middle School on the previous day. I read out the story and talked to 3 different groups of 11 - 13 year old children about how I illustrated the book. I was amazed at how attentive they were, given their age group, and the kinds of questions they asked - it was great fun! The teacher who organized this visit sent a write up about it to their local online newspaper

So the rumor continues to spread... :)

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