Monday, April 1, 2013

Looking for Editorial Interns!

We're looking for editorial interns at Karadi Tales. It's a great opportunity for English majors who are curious about publishing. This position is based in Chennai and cannot be fulfilled remotely. We're completely open to applications from all academic streams, of course, but a passion for reading, strong copy-editing skills, and general computer savvy are a must. Take a look at our books and our website before applying.

Internships at Karadi Tales are generally offered throughout the year on a rolling basis for 2 months at a time, based on the availability of candidates. It is also possible to take up the internship as a part-time (only part of the working day), according to candidates' preference. We offer a small stipend to candidates, but cannot assist with relocation to Chennai, accommodation, or commute.

Interested candidates may write to us on Please send us your resume and a short covering note.

And do spread the word!