Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Come join us for a storytelling session on World Storytelling Day!

KaradiTales, in association with HippocampusChildren’s Library and The BookLovers’ Program for Schools, invites you to a storytelling session on World Storytelling DayCome join us as we tell you a story that’s all about the importance of storytelling!

Date: 16 March 2013 
Venue: Hippocampus Children’s Library
Time: 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Address: 4/11Third Avenue Indira Nagar Chennai 600020
Contact details: +919884955454 /+914424433544 /+914442116417

The story that will be told is called The Story and the Song, a gorgeous picture book from Karadi Tales. Come join us for stories and activities all based on the art of storytelling!

The Story and the Song is based on a South Indian folktale of the oral tradition about sharing stories and music. The story brilliantly emphasises the importance that art and stories play in our lives. In its own subtle way, the book breaks gender stereotypes among children. This book is now distributed throughout North America and widely recommended in libraries, schools, and parenting journals for its multicultural values.

Oral storytelling is an ancient tradition and the most personal and intimate form of storytelling. The creative process of sharing stories and music is fundamentally intrinsic to any other act of communication. Contemporary society has lost its ability to pass its history along in stories. Research in artificial intelligence demonstrates the necessity of storytelling and music in order for human innovation and progress. Children no longer grow up within the security of an extended family or of a well-integrated community. Therefore, it is important to provide the modern child with a well-developed tradition of storytelling.

The Story and the Song, in its own quiet way, manifests this belief through the story of a woman who forgets to share her knowledge. The message that a child gets from this story develops a lifetime appreciation for the arts and even for the very basic acts of sharing, communication, and storytelling.