Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Karadi Path Education Company

The Karadi Path website is now live! Please spread the word to parents and educators everywhere. 

In the early years of education, a good foundation in English helps students understand and master other subjects early. It also allows greater access to the huge treasure of information and knowledge available through books, internet, customized and shared audio and video tools. English proficiency paves the way for greater opportunities.

Karadi Path methodology is an indigenously developed language learning process that is revolutionising the way language proficiency is achieved in schools. It is the product of over a decade's research into language acquisitions. From tribal to international schools, Karadi Path has proved that higher and faster language proficiency can be easily achieved. The Karadi Path programs of Power English and Magic English are now being adopted across many schools in India.

Our vision is a world where multi-lingualism creates bridges between geographic, socio-economic and cultural boundaries, leading to a greater appreciation of diversity among human beings.

Our mission is to be the world's foremost solutions provider to language learning, to make language learning easy, enjoyable, effective and accessible to all.