Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Touching Hearts Everywhere!

With permission from Mr. Sastha Prakash, we are reproducing our correspondence with him (via Facebook) below. 

On 16 November, he wrote to us:

Dear Karadi Bear,

I have been reading a lot about the A Quiet Courage audio book. I read some of the articles in The Hindu site. The synopsis I could understand was about a person suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa and his wife being invalid due to an accident, and how they continue with life with courage, determination, and dignity. It is quite inspiring. Why am I writing to you? I have RP, was diagnosed in 1997, am 41 years old, lost vision in my right eye…

Combined with this condition is another debilitating psychiatric condition called Bipolar Mood Disorder. Somehow, I am continuing with life with the knowledge that I might lose my sight in the other eye too. Praying to all the higher powers to keep my present vision intact and to live a dignified life. Wishing I can come over to meet Mr. Manohar and attend the event, but Chennai is too big a city for me to handle. I will try to get this audio book soon. My best wishes.


Sastha Prakash.

On the same day, we wrote back: 

Dear Sastha,

Thank you for your very kind words. It is a difficult condition indeed, but people like you and Manohar, who face these situations with courage, are very, very inspiring to us. We wish you could attend the event as well, but we understand your position. We do hope you listen to the audiobook soon.

Warmest regards,

The Karadi Tales Team

We were very touched by Sastha's email, as was Manohar Devadoss, and we decided to send Sastha a copy of the audiobook. On 21 November, Sastha received our little package and wrote to us:

Dear Karadi Tales Team,

I would like to thank you for your wonderful gesture of sending me a copy of the audio book “A Quiet Courage.” I am yet to listen to the audio, but the set of cards is just profoundly beautiful.
I am sure I will enjoy the story as well (going to start on the audio book immediately).
Once again thank you for this wonderful gift and I am sure this story will be an immense inspiration to me.

Warm Regards,

Sastha Prakash.

And once again, he wrote on 24 November:

Dear Karadi Tales Team,

Thank you for the wonderful audio book, which is a tribute to unconditional love, to dignity, to integrity, and to the exemplary art of giving.

I can truly relate to Manohar and his condition. RP is quite debilitating both mentally and physically. It takes extraordinary courage to take care of Mahema with her very unfortunate accident a long time back. More than anything I was moved by the unconditional love, which surpassed all physical conditions. The art they produced together and supporting Sankara Nethralaya with the proceeds was truly inspiring. (I have been to Sankara Nethralaya for my tests when I lost my vision in my right eye. First it was thought that I had cataract and was operated up on at Malar Hospitals, but it turned out to be a macular hole, diagnosed at Sankara Nethralaya. That is when I left Chennai for good.)

They say love and faith can move mountains. My belief in this phrase is reinforced. I never married, but I do have a girlfriend now, who supports me in all ways. We love to read, enjoy good music and movies, and she calls me Teddy. :)

This is my first experience of listening to an audio book. The music was haunting at times, then goes on to a lively pace, and again becomes poignant. The narrators gave life to their diction. It is overall a great effort and I hope more such audio books will be produced.

My warm regards to Manohar and to all at Karadi Tales.

Sastha Prakash.

This is exactly what we intended to do with our audiobook - touch hearts! Here's where you can find A Quiet Courage.