Thursday, September 13, 2012

Karadi Mythology Apps for the iPad

Four fantastic titles from the Karadi Tales Mythology series are now available on the iPad as digital apps! Narrated by Girish Karnad, the Jnanpith award-winning playwright, the apps have gripping music by 3 Brothers & A Violin. Check them out!

We have Birth of Krishna, Krishna's Conquests, Young Hanuman, and Hanuman the Mighty available through the app-store! The apps include the option to record your voice so that your child always has you close by and bonus features like jigsaw puzzles, quizzes etc. to keep your child occupied for hours, an array of pictures from the book for your child to paint, bonus tracks from other Karadi Tales apps and songs sung by popular playback artiste Anooradha Sriram with lyrics so that you can sing along too!