Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reviews of Dorje's Stripes

Dorje's Stripes is a book from Karadi Tales about a royal Bengal tiger. Here are some recent reviews from international magazines, journals and blogs!

The Midwest Book Review writes:

Beautiful watercolor, delicately tinted paintings help tell the story of Dorje's Stripes" in an unforgettable way. Surely "Dorje's Stripes" will help to sensitize the world to the plight of the threatened Royal Bengal Tiger and help motivate action towards its protection as a species. 

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Biblio Reads writes:

Wonderful!  A tale that succinctly targets the plight of the Royal Bengal Tiger in an imaginative and magical story.

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Jaci Miller of Kids Books Central writes:

Gently and sensitively told, the fictional Dorjes Stripes communicates the plight of the endangered Royal Bengal tiger through Dorjes experiences in the wild. Readers should be aware that a bit of eastern mysticism trickles into the story as Master Wu travels into Dorjes dreams to learn his background.

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The School Library Journal writes:

This heartwarming story is enhanced by stunning watercolors that add to its peaceful tone and suggest a quiet beauty as well as depict the actions and emotions of each character. 

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Publisher's Weekly writes:

Working in brilliant, seeping watercolors, the Korean illustrating team plays up the mystical elements of the story, while underscoring the dangers the tigers face. But the new stripe on Dorje means he has found a female companion, bringing hope for Royal Bengal tiger populations. A closing note about the tigers’ vulnerability adds urgency to this subtle story about preservation and survival. 

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Kiss the Book, a book-blog, writes:

The text is simple and easy to understand. The illustrations are beautiful. This book would be a good read aloud for preschoolers who like tigers. 

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Tasha of Waking Brain Cells writes:

Ruddra’s tone is one of respect and awe for this creature.  He takes his time to tell the story to its fullest, offering inspiration along the way.  The illustrations are glowing with bright colors that capture the coat of Dorje and the world of the monastery.  The watercolors have been allowed to bleed a bit, creating auras around things.  At other times, the painting is tight and controlled.  The two play against each other, showing the wild next to the tame. This is a lovely and inspiring book about threatened species.  It captures the plight, the loss and the recovery in one beautiful story.  

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On In the Pages, a review of several books including Dorje's Stripes

What a great multi-cultural story - Master Wu, a Buddhist monk in Tibet, tells this story about why the tiger has no stripes and how he may yet get his stripes. I liked this - it is totally different than other picture books and gives us a wonderful glimpse into the culture of Tibet.

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On Paper Tigers:

This powerful and majestic animal is now one of the Earth’s most threatened species, but the story of Dorje is one of hope. “Dorje only knew cruel men before he met us,” explains Master Wu, but just as the tiger – and perhaps eventually his clan – recovers under the monks’ care, so can future generations work to change the fate of this beautiful animal.

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For more details on the book, click here. You can also buy the book from Karadi Tales here