Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Lion and the Mouse: A Review

Young India Books reviews The Lion and the Mouse, a Karadi Tales audiobook written by Lavanya R. N., illustrated by Malavika P. C., narrated by Karthik Kumar and set to music by Anil Srinivasan. The review says:

There are many historical facts recorded about this fable. Children find this story especially appealing because, in characteristic fable style, the main characters are animals that act and talk like people but retain their animal traits. The story of The Lion and the Mouse has always been popular. This audio version, published by Karadi Tales, India, with its’ teaming of talented artists and delightful narration, is an exceptional endeavor utilizing modern-day technology.

Read the complete review here. You can also buy the book at our website or view the e-book here.