Monday, March 7, 2011


So the good news is that we have lots of projects lined up for the coming months and they're all very, very exciting indeed. The better news is that we're very actively looking for illustrators for all of these projects.

So here's the quick update on the projects:

(1) A 4-part series of picture books about a little girl with a tendency to get lost. This series follows one little girl as she explores a variety of Indian places, gets lost repeatedly and almost always has an extraordinary adventure with the people she meets along the way. We would like one illustrator for all 4 books in the series so that the books have some level of continuity and consistency.
Target age group: 4+
Size: 16.4’’ x 11’’ (open book size) with 17 full colour double spread illustrations per book 

(2) A picture book revolving around a little girl who steals a temple elephant. This story is very minimalist in terms of text and depends heavily on perspective and artwork.
Target age group: 4+
Size: 16.4’’ x 11’’ (open book size) with 15 full colour double spread illustrations

(3) A slightly more grown up picture book with a lot of abstract imagery. This story is based on a Kannada folktale and its characters are mostly abstract. We're looking for heavily stylised composition with strong, well-developed characters.
Target age group: 8+
Size: 18'' x 8 '' (open book size) with 15 full colour double spread illustrations

(4) A multiple-ended story. This is a story that is spread across 4 endings and is quite heavy on text. We're looking at really simple and appealing artwork for this story (perhaps even single-colour or pen-and-ink). We're looking for an artist to conceptually design and illustrate the book.
Target age-group: 6+
Size: 18'' x 8'' (open book size)

Most importantly, for all these projects, we're looking for artists who paint the old-fashioned way - with their hands and not their computers. 

Karadi Tales works on the basis of royalty-free agreements. We offer a flat one-time payment for all artwork. All agreements are time-bound and contractually binding.

If you’re interested in any of the 3 projects, to begin with, take a look at our Submissions Page and our Catalogue. If you feel that your style would suit our requirements, please write to us on our generic email address.

Also, please help us by spreading the word!