Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Korean Sojourn

If you've read our post on the travels of The Lizard's Tail, you'll know that Karadi's a globetrotter! The Lizard's Tail, as you know, is available in French and Korean and will soon be available in other languages of the world as well.

But we wanted to keep you posted on our other travels too. Have you looked at Karadi's travel diary lately?

In Korea's thriving children's picture book market, The Lizard's Tail is not the only book from Karadi Tales that has found a home. Maeng & Aeng Publishers also publish a lovely Korean translation of When the Earth Lost its Shapes, written by Shobha Viswanath and illustrated by Christine Kastl. The text in this book is minimalistic and the story is a simple, heartwarming story about team spirit, conviction and, of course, shapes. German illustrator Christine Kastl brings this book alive with her sensitive artwork in acrylic.

The Korean edition of the book has a title that loosely translates as 'The earth is crushed!' and has a cheerful and beautiful cover.

This book is available from Karadi Tales as a picture book - a beautifully printed hand bound hard cover edition on art paper.

Both The Lizard's Tail and When the Earth Lost its Shapes have become extremely popular in the Korean market and it's not unusual at all to see Karadi Tales books in bookstores across Korea. So if you're ever in Korea, do watch out for our books!

But that's not all in Karadi's Korea connection! Soon, The Rumour, a hilarious folktale adapted by Anushka Ravishankar and vividly illustrated by Munich-based artist Kanyika Kini in inks and colour pencils, will be made available in the Korean language by Bookhouse Publishers.

The translation is in progress still, but we're very excited that one more book from our catalogue will be available to Korean children! We'll keep you posted and let you know when the Korean edition of The Rumour is out in the market!

This book too is available as an English hard cover picture book from Karadi Tales!