Saturday, January 9, 2010

January Blog-Rolling

Here are some recent blog-links for you to look at!

Saffron Tree, an amazing blog on books for children, talks about Karadi Tales here. Be sure to check out their other recommendations as well! They review children's literature from a South Asian perspective.

Sujatha, who blogs at Blogpourri, reviews our two most recent titles here. Sujatha's blog contains travel and personal essays, notes about books, movies, politics, society and food, and occasionally features the adventures of her two children.

Diasez, who blogs at Sweet Nothings, writes about our television series on Disney Channel here. She discusses the books her children read and fills her blog with charming personal anecdotes. Do read.

Chetan Sharma, one of Karadi's favourite illustrators, blogs on Chaitanya Atman about our upcoming book launch here. Chetan has illustrated Super Hathaman, the newest title from Karadi Tales. Do pick it up at your nearest bookstore. You can also buy it online here.

And check out the Karadi Tales newsletter here!